17 de marzo de 2011


 Crac des Chevaliers (Q´alat sahat El-Din)
Este castillo bastante bien conservado fué construido por los cruzados de la orden de Malta también llamados Hospitalarios de San Juan, durante su asedio a la vecina Homs. Emplazado en un altozano de gran valor estratégico desde donde se puede disfrutar de una bella panorámica de 360º de todo el valle.
Hay excursiones organizadas o existe la posibilidad de venir por cuenta propia.
Entrada a la ciudad refinería de Homs

Paisanos de Siria.

15 de marzo de 2011


 Square in Hama.
There are two hostels ( both recomended in several guides) with the best value for money. Riad and Cairo, last one with mattress on the roof availables for the poorest pockets. Kindy and proffessional staff in both of them.

El sonido de la madera crujiendo de estas norias en movimiento crea una atmósfera única y una sensación de paz y relajación únicas.
Definitivamente uno de los lugares imprescindibles durante un viaje por Siria.

14 de marzo de 2011

Hama ( the fortress).

Today is friday, holiday for muslims, and in Hama ( حماه,  Fortress)  , as in every town in any arabic country its time for relax, going to the barber shop, share tea and  spend time  chattering between friends and relatives. Afterwards,  its time to visit the Mosque and during the afternoon go for a walk and get a refreshment. Leaving Hama and waking under big trees heading to  the east, There s a charming , quite and friendly place with a georgeus overlooking at the most famous countrywomen from Hama: The two waterwheels, This place:  a nice terrace with live music, nice meals, chay ( tea) and a great variety of flavours for your after-meal narguile ( mmm...apple is my favourite).This place is not only for families but also for young couples and groups of friends.
This waterwheels made of wood were built by the ancient Romans more than two centuries ago over the river Oronte.
Although these waterwheels are the main attraction, there are several interesting places to visit like the old town. There is a small street where local artists have their ateliers.